Monday, December 12, 2011

What's up everyone? How was your weekend?

Hey guys! What did you guys all do this weekend?

I had a great weekend of some studying but mostly getting out of the house. I found that socializing and keeping myself occupied helps me with my symptoms. Studying has my mind travel a lot! I haven't been to school in 6 days :/. But I'm trying to go tomorrow. What I'm planning to do is drop out of high school and pick up independent studies (basically you work at home). I feel like I'm losing pride and giving up on the battle by not going to high school and trying to graduate the high-school-way, but I guess it is the same thing? It both has the same outcome, and I really feel like independent studies will be easier for me. But I feel like I'm giving up. What do you guys think? I have SO much work to make up because I haven't been to school in 1-2 months, it's VERY stressful working each day sun-up to sun-down every single day and studying and reading as well. I have 3 AP (advanced placement college-level) classes so that adds up a lot. What do you guys think I should do?

Choice A) Take independent studies to graduate by working at home going once a week to turn in and pick up homework. Will graduate. Easier route, don't have to try as hard. More time to relax and perhaps get a job. Less stressful. Reason behind doing this: I want an easier route if the outcome is the same, and I can focus on getting a job early.

Choice B) Continue high school and make up A LOT of make-up work, sun-up to sun-down for about 2-3 weeks on top of the normal homework. Will graduate. Harder route, will have to try really hard. Completing a hard task is good. No time to relax and get a job. Very stressful. Reason behind doing this: I want to say I completed high-school and want to complete a hard task. But it will be hard and I don't know if I'm 100% up to it.

Remember that I have no friends at my high school, only 2 that I am not close to. My other close friends go to other schools. And most people are kind of retarded at that school.

What do you guys think I should do?

On another hand, so how was your guys' weekend? Anything fun? Do anything productive?


  1. Hey,
    I would actually choose B. You really have about four or five months before graduation to catch up, and then high school will be over FOREVER. I sure would have been tempted to blow things off if I could have done schoolwork at home. Besides, the school might cut you some slack. Schools are apt to graduate students since they have people putting the screws to them about getting their graduation rates up.

    Going every day to school will be good practice for when you have to go to work five days out of the week. Falling behind in going to work won't have any catch-up time. They'll just get someone else for the job.

    I actually chose B because what you wrote in red was the same reason I went back to college and got a degree. I didn't want to be one of those people who start sentences with, "Well, I could have . . ." But seriously, when people find out that I have a degree they almost always ask me why I don't have a better job, and I'm tempted tell them, "I didn't want to get to be your age and be one of those people who say, 'I could have.'"

    But the choice is yours to make.

  2. how do you feel about what is revealed in this lecture:

  3. Follow your heart.
    Is being able to say you complete high school that great? It would be useful if you're planning to have a steady job later on, but if you want to try a more risky route that would be less pressure from others but which you have to have your own effort involved, doing things independently is a good avenue.

    You choose how you live your life. There will be consequences of course, but as long as you make the choice you wanted, it feels a lot more empowering than making a choice out of fear of missing out on something.

    Good luck!

  4. Well, you are lucky that you have choices about which path to take. I agree that finishing high school the normal way is really, really hard, plus the fact that it's hard to make friends in high school. I know the feeling because I've been through that before. But I think it's still a good opportunity to get to know people and get busy. It's also a good training avenue for when you get a job becaue you'll get used to the hard work. Good luck on your decision making! :)

  5. Nothing productive again:( Yeah I know it's a shame...a little... so what is your main problem 'Kate'?

  6. I agree with the people who are saying follow your heart! However sometimes the heart doesn't always have what's in the best interest of a person! I really think you should go for the choice that is going to make you feel less anxious. Sometimes we have to push our selves and go beyond our limits and if you are willing to do this...go for it! If not, and you are really struggling then I would go for Plan A. But really focus on making goals for yourself. Without goals we are just floating in air. Just think about your future and what you want to accomplish...!!!!

  7. Hmm I sometimes wonder what the future will be XD
    Well i don't know which route you wish to take, even though i took plan b even though it was as hell and depressing as well but it was worth it^^, though i don't know which one you should take so i'm with Ally's response on this one. XD good luck dude wish you luck XD

  8. Hello John,
    I came across the link of your blog yesterday whilst going through videos on the youtube concerning mental health. My name is Maria, I am a social worker and I work for a Greek NGO whose subject is mental health. We provide off-charge psychiatric and psychological support to people who are need of it and cannot afford it.
    I found your idea to start this blog really great. I have seen through my work that, though it is really helpfull, at the same time it is very hard for people who suffer from a mental illness to talk about it openly. Here in Greece there is still a lot of stigma concerning mental diseases. You must be proud of yourself for being so brave in order to talk about what you are going through so honestly and seeking for support in other people’s experiences and advices. I guess the immediate response you got from all the people who follow your blog must be a great reward!
    After reading your blog, I made a research on the Greek WebPages and found out that there is nothing similar in Greece. So I had the idea to start a blog, where people who suffer from schizophrenia could share their personal experiences, like you do. I think something like that can be very helpful at difficult times and can add up to the improvement of your condition. So I would like to know if I have your permission in order to translate parts of your blog in Greek so I can make the start in our blog. If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable with that please don’t hesitate a moment to tell me.
    I hope you continue being a fighter in all your life and don’t let the hard times get you down! You have shown great strength till now. Keep on this way!
    I wish you all the best,

  9. Anonymous and other Anonymous (1st and 3rd post),

    You guys are right. I'll choose to do high school!

  10. Claudine,

    Thanks! I know, it's hard. But well worth it. Thanks for your support!

  11. Ally Louise,

    That's very true. That made me think twice about it. I'll see how it goes if I get accepted into independent studies. Yes we do have to push ourselves.. I will think about my future for sure! Right now I'll just wait to see if I even get accepted to independent studies!

  12. EEZY,

    Haha true. Oh really? I'll take that good advice from you and for sure do choice B but I'll see how it all goes! Thanks man!!

  13. Hello Maria,

    Oh really? Yes, it is hard to talk about it but I grew up to do it. Yes I am brave to do it, but this is online where it is anonymous. I wouldn't ask for help from people in person! You should definitively advise your patients or people you know with mental diseases to start a blog. It helps for sure.

    Yes, you have my permission to translate my blog into Greek as long as you provide links of my blog on the posts. I would love for you to help people across the world from my blog, so thanks for asking! But I would also love support, so it would help for you to add the links to your blogs!

    Yes I will, thanks a lot for your care support and love!
    Thank you,

  14. John you are so nice! Keep bein' you!

  15. Ally,

    Thanks a lot! The same goes for you though!

  16. This is a really interessting blog! I do not have this mental condition, but I know someone who has. Keep writing mate :)

  17. Hi John,

    I am Abhishek from Bangalore, India. I came across the link to your blog on youtube. I am 23 and I myself have gotten over Dyslexia, Schizophrenia and Depression. And i am sure you can get over your difficulty too. I'm really glad i did get over my challenges as it has greatly improved my personal and professional life through all the learning i gained in the process and i would love to share. I am working as a behavioral trainer now and i've been working with people from the past two years in the areas of personal development and Mind mastery.
    First off, i appreciate your courage for opening up to people through this blog and also creating awareness about the possible cures for schizophrenia and many other difficulties that people are facing.
    I went through your entire blog and i'm really curious to know if i could be of any help to you. It would be really useful if you could let me know what the observable symptoms of your present state are.
    In the past i've facilitated people who have suffered for years to get over phobias and depression and i have a strong feeling i can be of service to you too.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Abhishek S Thalanki

  18. Hey Abhishek,

    That is really good you can overcome your struggles, and the effects it gave you after. You deserve a lot of recognition for that and a good job.

    Thank you.

    What do you mean by observable symptoms? No one can tell I'm schizophrenic unless I tell them what I go through. I have paranoid schizophrenia and I don't know how bad it is yet, but I struggle hard through it with bad cases of paranoia, delusion, social anxiety, depression, demotivation, hopelessness, etc.
    Thank you man. You can do what you can to help me out. Thanks a lot!

    Thank you,


  19. Hey John,

    Sorry about the late reply, hadnt logged on to the net in the past couple of days. And thanks John.

    Well ya, other people wont be able to tell but you would still be aware of the kind of thoughts or behaviors you have, wont you?. Whether you hear voices or see things and what kind of things. Anyway, before we get into that it would be useful for you if you could read through some material that i have which i found was very useful for me on my own journey. Since you dont want to disclose your contact here just mail me at so i can send you the ebook.

    Abhishek S Thalanki

  20. Abhishek,

    It's alright. You're welcome.

    Alrighty I'll email you now.


  21. John,

    I have mailed you the material. Do check it out.


  22. hello I am a final year medical student. I really hope that I could know more about you, so that i can understand and help those who are suffering from the same condition as you are! I really appreciate your blog so please keep it going! i have talked to quite a few people suffering from schizophrenia in my limited clinical experience and i really hope i can be of help to them.