Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hey Guys, Sorry

Sorry I haven't made a post in a while.. I've been so kept up with homework and I've been so tired during the day due to irregular medicine and sleep usage.. So I don't have much to say.

But my symptoms are getting worse. Before, I was full on schizophrenic and at times I would be very into it. Now, I feel as if parts of me are, and parts of me arent. The parts of me that are, however, are stronger than before. This is a concern.. I need to see my therapist. But at least I feel motivated and my social anxiety is gone. I don't have much to say right now, because I am tired and have work to get to then I need to rest for a big day tomorrow.

I hope everyone has had a good day. I'll be going now. I'll love to chat, so comment below if you'd like to talk, but I don't have time for a post! See you guys later and thank you for the views!


  1. Good luck! You seem determined to beat this, and I'm rooting for you! I hope things go well with your therapist. I don't have schizophrenia, but I have anxiety, and I know my symptoms were at their worst at a time when I was getting irregular sleep (and not eating enough). So I guess my advice would be to try to get enough sleep although I know that can be hard when you have other things to deal with.

  2. Ahh, irregular sleep is never fun. I've actually been having a lot of trouble with sleep lately, too. It makes hallucinations and hearing things worse, for sure. Most this last week I had no will to even move, mostly just wanted to curl up in a corner somewhere and just stay there until it ended and I could escape;
    I woke up a tad earlier one morning and make a big thing of green tea to drink at school and I felt a little better, though, so that was nice.
    Ooh - Another thing I just started, you should try it, it's nice. Half the time in classes I've got nothing to do and such, and I also have a bunch of index cards I didn't know what to do with. So basically I'll write whatever's bugging me or just whatever I'm thinking about a lot, not whatever comes to mind, moreso on a subject, and then on the side with no lines I'll draw something. Sometimes the drawing is related, sometimes not, but it's fun. It's fun to think of a theme for it, too. :3 And if you don't draw well, this might be good practice, too? xD Whatever feels good.
    It's good that you feel motivated though, that makes everyday life so much easier.

  3. i hope you will feel better....i have seen that you like asian girls...i think it can help...but i dont know if it can help man with schizophrenia...have you had delusions when you were watching a porn?

  4. just wanted to say i've started reading your blog. i also have this disorder, and although it isn't horribly bad, i've always fear it could get worse since i'm young. but your blog is real intersting and it feels good to read things by someone else with this

  5. Hey John
    I'm 16 and I think I have Paranoid Schizo. I was researching it and found I had all the symptoms, and I talked to my mom and found out that her mom and brother both had severe Schizophrenia. The possibility that I have Schizo didn't occur to me until just a few weeks ago, so I haven't been diagnosed yet, but I'm pretty sure I have it. Especially judging by the comments of other schizophrenics on your blog. All the things you and your commentors describe sound exactly like what I'm going through. Anyways I just wanted to say I'll be here reading all you blog updates and comments, and I might make my own blog about my schizo, assuming I do indeed have it.

  6. Hi!!!! Stay motivated! Keep it up, you're doing great!!! I randomly stumbled upon your page through youtube, after I decided to do more research on schizophrenia. We had a guest speaker in my abnormal class at my university and it has sparked me to learn more about it. This man was truly an inspiration - in fact you should get in touch with him and tell him about what you are going through (he has lived with schizophrenia for many years of his life) and truly has learned to overcome this battle. I wish you the very best. Life is beautiful, and everyone in their own way should be able to live a happy life!

    The guest speaker was (Lonnie) Joe Holt..he was SO GREAT!!!
    Here is an article from the New York Times about him...

    I hope this helps!!!

  7. Mcearlyhd,

    Thanks man! I am! I'm seeing my therapist today actually. And oh.. I have anxiety sometimes too. Oh I see.. I have very bad irregular sleep and eating times.. I should fix that. thanks ALOT for that advice and for reading!

  8. ;Scare.,

    Yeah, it isn't. Damn man, that sounds bad. Get good sleep! Try to go to the doctor for prescribed sleeping medication or find home remedies or even off the counter ones. Do you have schizophrenia too? I'll try to wake up early and make a green tea to calm the nerves. that sounds really good. That drawing thing is good too, sometimes I have anxiety during school and that would help, writing it out and drawing just like this blog. Yeah, thanks man, I hope it goes all good for yout oo. HOw did you defeat your disease or how is the battle?

  9. charles manson,

    Thanks. Haha, that was a blog I was trying to make but I couldn't do 18+ material. How does porn not help with schizophrenia? Never heard of that. Thanks for reading man.

  10. Nick,

    Thanks for reading man! Yeah, I thought it wouldn't get worse at a young age but it did. You should seek treatment, drugs or no drugs, now. You can do therapy or you can take drugs or do both. I suggest you do! Thanks man, keep reading and keep commenting!

  11. Hey Grennan,

    Oh really.. damn! You can fight it though, and your grandma and uncle can fight it too. It could be hereditary, meaning it'll pass from generation of family. I see, maybe you have it, maybe you don't. Do you know anyone at school or work who might have it or will understand and you can try to talk to? And okay, thanks for reading, and when you make yours let me know. I'll read it too! thanks!

  12. 137b19e4-2043-11e1-a87c-000bcdcb5194,

    Hey! Thanks man your style of typing makes me motivated haha! Oh I see.. I should get in touch with him and talk to him. Thanks ALOT for that information man! Everyone should, it just makes it hard sometimes too. Thanks for the article, I'm going to read it now man! Thanks for everything!

  13. so sorry about the long nickname thing (not sure what happened there haha) i'm actually a girl :) but i don't mind the 'man' haha. I really hope the article helps you see some insight as to how he has been able to cope with this! I know it must be incredibly difficult and I can't begin to even understand but I would really enjoy reading what you have to write and giving you some motivation!!!!!!!! There's an incredibly bright future out there for you if you're willing to pursue it!!!

  14. Hahahaha It's okay. Oh I see, I'm sorry about that!

    Yes, it does help cope with this and especially you reading it! Yes there is, thank you a lot! Thanks a lot for reading and everything!!