Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays guys!

How was your Christmas and Christmas' eve?

Mine have been really good because I have no stress from school. I've been doing nothing but relaxing and my symptoms are very much less.

(Schizophrenic facts : Did you guys know that? Not necessarily a cause of schizophrenia, but you can consider becoming unstressed a treatment of schizophrenia. Eliminate the stress in your life and you'll realize there are less schizophrenia symptoms. Try it seriously. There are many schizophrenia types and I have paranoid schizophrenia (well that was the diagnosis), and it works for me. Just my 2 cents.)

Again, it sucks being schizophrenic in the family. I get this little special "attention" and "treatment" like how they would treat kids that have downs syndrome. I guess they just don't understand what is schizophrenia, and what low stage I am on in. For me, it's mostly delusions about believable serious and unbelievable unserious things and vice-versa, paranoia, social anxiety, some bipolar, depression, things that i do that some say are weird, when i've done it my whole life so i guess it could be schizophrenic.

But enough of that! Christmas! How was it guys? What did you get from Santa Claus haha? I got some gifts, 60$, 30$ gift-card, pajamas, a longsleeve shirt, 3d tv accessories, and baked goods. What did you guys get?
I had a good time despite the little special treatment I receive from my family. (we all met up for Christmas dinner.) I had fun with them. What about you guys? What did you guys do?

Sorry for the inactiveness. It's just the holidays are coming and I have a lot of shopping and hanging out with family and friends to do.  I'll make another post before New Years, but if i don't I wish you guys all a happy new years and let the year bring us all wealth, happiness, friends, and ease, especially ease in the people with schizophrenia disorder. Love you guys all for supporting me, until next time!

P:S, I almost forgot to mention. At a party I talked to someone (a friend's friend) and ended up telling them I was schizophrenic, and they told me that his friend at the same party was schizophrenic. Well long story short, we talked for a long time (good to connect with other schizophrenics) and told me about this e-book he was reading.
He said he overcame it better with the book.. He was telling me how unmotivated he was before and uncommitted and didn't even want to read the book, but he eventually got through it. He was really talking good about it and I could go on endlessly talking about it and recommended it to me. If you guys are interested, because I am, then go ahead and buy it. It's safe. I'm going to order one too. But take note, this isn't magically going to help your schizophrenia. You have to be patient and work HARD, that's what he said. He said it's not an overnight cure. If you can, spread the news about this. If it can help someone I know who has almost full blown schizophrenia, I believe it can really help us or benefit us all in one way or another. I'll let you know how it goes when I order one, I'm short of a little money. The weird little link is here:

Check it out, whoever wants to read it with me should buy it too. It seems interesting.

Thanks for the read guys. Comment below about the holidays or about this new book! Love you guys.


    I support you while you live with this condition. I'm diagnosed bipolar and mostly I'm seen as an asshole.

  2. Yes I know, I'm trying my best of all alternatives to try to defeat it. I see. Best wishes for you


  3. Hi John,
    Two years ago, I helped my sz daughter finish high school by independent studies. She completed her credits and got her diploma. It is true that she missed her friends and her sport activities, but I think being in a stressful environment didn't help healing her episodes. She is medsfree now. I would suggest you and your mother look at this site and links. Hope for complete recovery is on the way.

  4. Hey man i was also diagnoses as a paranoid schizo, and i do have delusions of events out of my power which i seek to control, and as you said being stress free helps it be under control, i take meds no more, but sometime after some time when my life goes to shit i still have those delusions but you know what, just keep your head up and fight it.

    Damian, 24 yrs old Mex.

  5. Hey,
    I'm Anonymous1 from a few posts ago. Interesting school courses. Hope school's going better after you've had time off. Concentrating on my schoolwork helped me block out the a--holes that go with that territory. It might work for you, too. There's plenty of people online who help with course work. If you get stuck on something they might be able to get you on the right track regarding schoolwork. It beats beating your head against the wall.

    I agree with what Amorphus said. The less stress the better. I'm surprised at how many of us on here don't take meds. I did once 27 years ago. I slept for about 12 or 14 hours (no kidding) and when I was awake I was always so tired. I thought to myself, "No damn wonder they give me this. I'm too tired to be nuts." Pardon the use of the n-word. Those meds just really dulled my senses.

    Relaxing and doing things that I want to do work much better for me, but I know at your age there are still those things that you "have" to do. Stressful? Yes. But you'll get through it.

  6. XD Keep your chin up and don't give up dude :)!! And about your gifts the only thing I got was a 5 dollar deodorant DX

  7. mom,

    I see, That's good she recovered. I am planning to do the same. Thank you a lot.

    1. My daughter still has some issues but who doesn't? There are alternatives to medications. Journalist wrote:"The long-term outcomes literature for antipsychotics, which has been compiled over a period of nearly 50 years, consistently tells of drugs that increase the likelihood that a person diagnosed with schizophrenia will become chronically ill"

  8. Amorphus,

    I see, and yeah I no what you mean. Thank you alot Damian.

  9. Anonymous1,

    Yes, school has been a bunch of trouble and now it's easier. I see, thanks for the info.

    I see, the meds dulled me too but I changed meds and now it's better.

    Thank you, I see.

  10. Eezy,

    Thanks! and haha that's good though!

  11. Hmm... So your you tube comment just brought me here. I've read some posts and searched for more information about you, but couldn't find any. This message is probably going to annoy you (as it has nothing to do with Christmas), but i have just a few questions. How old were you when you started to thing there might be something wrong with your brain and what exactly made you think so? And do alcohol\weed have anything to do with it? 'Cause I act quite unusual when intoxicated and recently I tend to act somehow the same when I'm completely sober (although I can control myself). I'm not sure if I'm just imaginating :| Thank you!(you -anyone of you- don't have to bother answering with more than something like "18; yes!" if you don't have time or the necessary mood)

  12. Okay, so this may sound like an extremley stupid question to you, or annoying or whatever it may be...
    But what kinds of voices do you hear? or maybe what do they say etc.
    I'm doing a senior thesis project on schizophrenia and i'd love for you to help me out.
    I as well, saw your youtube comment and came straight to this sight.

  13. Anonymous,

    At first around 14-15, I thought it was just me being a paranoid high person. But then the effects started to linger days after. Then I quit for a long several month period and it was gone. When I started to smoke more, it could come up and linger a few days. Then around 16, I started to think something was wrong and my friend said it might be schizophrenia. I checked it out and it fit me. Then around the end of 16 I started to try to do something about it, but it reached its worse in mid to late 17 when there was a lot of stress and stuff in my life. Now it's okay but rapidly improving thanks to medicine. I know exactly how you feel. You should seek and read symptoms, maybe even going to the doctor.

  14. Anonymous,
    I don't hear any voices.

  15. Hey,
    I'm Anonymous1 from a few posts back.
    Glad to hear that (no pun intended). It is merciless when it happens.

  16. I've been searching for symptoms, that's why I was watching a video about it. They somehow fit me, but I'm only 16, so I might just be paranoid(one of my clasmates is rumoured to have been diagnosed). Anyway, I started going to a psychologist and decided to take it easy with the drugs for a while. Thank you a lot for the reply; you seem to be a really nice person. Good luck with whatever you do there!

  17. hello I am a final year medical student. I really hope that I could know more about you, so that i can understand and help those who are suffering from the same condition as you are! I really appreciate your blog so please keep it going! i have talked to quite a few people suffering from schizophrenia in my limited clinical experience and i really hope i can be of help to them!
    i hope that you could tell me what your hallucinations were and how did you tell them apart from reality?

  18. hey i am still the same final year medical student:
    in response to one of the questions asked: yes weed increases the chance of schizhophrenia to six fold compared to normal generation.
    and the reason a lot of patients tend to be addicted to cigarrete is that nicotine in cirgarette acts on the nicotinic receptors in the brain and helps alleviate symptoms according to some studies. so cirgarette in a way is a form of self medication. However, cigarette is associated with a lot of other medical condition(such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer etc) so it is advisable to quit.
    a lot of substance use would aggravate the psychotic symptone including amphetamines and cocaine as these acts on the dopamine receptors in the brain (schizophrenia is a state of dopaminergic hyperactivty in the brain). so it's advisable to avoid.

  19. sorry typo
    generation = population*

  20. i'm 17 as well, and though i don't suffer mental illness i developed an interest in schizophrenia after having quite a delusional/paranoid summer where i took quite a lot of drugs and started to panic..luckily i just took a break and feel fine now. but i just wanted to say i don't generally follow blogs but i've been following yours due to this interest and it sounds like you're a really nice guy and that you're doing encouragingly well :) good luck to you :)

  21. hi... i really love your story and love your that you wake up everday with the thought of competely your goals... it's inspiring to me and reading your posts makes me believe in humankind... keep fighting ...keep strong... i promises you it's worth it...keep giving the hope .. to people like me ...

    thank you ..... your an inspiration

  22. I'm just getting into your story. My son was diagnosed ith paranoid schizophrenia recently and he says meds don't help (probably meaning it doesn't make voices disappear). He's currently on his 4th hospital stay since Oct. 2010. In the beginning he thought he was being attacked by demons and friends put a "bug" in his ear and they were saying things to him. He loses time almost like a blackout period. During this hospital stay he said staff were giving him a magical pill telling him to kill people. He said (during a full moon) that it told him to kill one of the other patients and during the evening staff found him standing in this persons room. Up until Oct 2010 he had countless friends and his closest was his brother and cousin. Now... he doesn't leave the house or have any friends, including the brother and cousin, because in his mind they were all plotting against him. He doesn't believe there is anything wrong with him. The voices and hallucinations and thoughts are real too him. I'm. He looks at me like I'm out to get him but still tells me he loves me. How can I talk to him about his illness when he doesn't think there is one? This is just as bad as losing a child to death. I know....I need to find a support group. I commend you and thank you for sharing this with others. Thank you


  23. Thanks everyone!

    I do not get any hallucinations, but I do get delusions.

    Nikki, that is really tough. I congratulate you for being able to hold on and be strong. He is just going through tough schizophrenia and I recommend trying different medications because not all work for everyone sometimes. I had to go through 2 different ones before I found the right one, and it was really tough at first. I respect you though, if you ever need support you can talk to me or you can maybe buy the e book I am talking about in my posts and have him read that to help, because it definitely helps me. It may be a lot but it's well worth it for what it does. It doesn't eliminate schizophrenia! It just helps a lot, so far I am reading I haven't finished yet. Good luck to you though, and stay in contact! thanks! bye!

  24. your YouTube comment brought me here.. My boyfriend is a schizophrenic and I thought it would be great if you guys spoke, he needs someone he can relate to other than me, and it would be a big help.. do you think you can email me at