Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy thanksgiving!

I am making a rather quick post. Happy thanksgiving to you all! I hope you guys enjoyed your day.

As for me, I did good today. Being around family, that although doesn't support me, kept my mind quiet. I felt like the odd one out or the black sheep. "hey I heard you have mental problems.." hurt. But all in all, I had fun.

Im thankful for a lot of things, and you guys should be thankful for not having a condition such as me, but I am thankful it won't get any worse.

Thank you to all, I hope you ate up, and get ready for black Friday shopping!!!


  1. Hey! It's Mercedes. glad your thanksgiving was fun. Happy that you were able to deal with the negativity pretty well. sorry someone said that to you. was it somebody young or an adult? I was hoping you'd have a great thanksgiving :D

    Well, I guess I'll share what I'm thankful for. Hmmm...I'd say I'm thankful for a memory. There are things in my life that I just don't want to forget. I look back and see what has happened that is helping me to grow as a person, and I'm able to learn from the mistakes I continuously make. I can see how far I've come and where I'm going.

    My thanksgiving was kinda lonely. There were only 4 of us eating together because the rest of the family couldn't make it, which i understand why, now. Then the three of them left after eating and i was just home alone for the rest of the day. But i'm the type of person that can find something to do, I was just kinda bored. Have a good Friday, bud!

    btw, I'm new to blogger. idk how to get my name off of anonymous >.< help me? lol.

  2. Hey! Haha my name's John. Thank you! I had fun. It was a young cousin.

    That's something good to be thankful for.. Something insightful and in-depth that I don't normally hear. I'm thankful for the same, the past grows us all up.

    Oh, is the rest of your family big and why couldn't they make it? That's good you find things with your time! Have a good black friday!
    Oh, to change your name, just click on the "Comment as:" and switch it to the name or thing you want.

  3. yay! i got it now :) my family's like in big sections and we all don't just all come together for thanksgiving. we split up in those sections lol it's hard to explain. But some of my family didn't have transportation to get to my house. We live far apart from everyone else. My black friday will be great. I'm quite the shopper.

  4. Ohh, I see. At least you got to see them! Haha, anything you're looking out to buy today? I'm going clothes shopping

  5. Hi

    I am a fellow schizophrenic. I have been battling the illness for over 14 years. I really admire that you are putting yourself out on the line and discussing openly what you are going through. I didn't have that kind of courage at your age.

    Anyway, I'll be bookmarking your blog and checking in on you from time to time. Take care of yourself.

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  7. glad glad your well and i know how it us to be the the 'odd one out' and i know it's hard. but you know what? im proud about it and stuff. hang in there, i don't think they are trying to hurt you. sometimes people just don't understand that things that they say hurt of things like that. there're not out there to get you i don't think. i understand!

    and good luck with black friday!

  8. @Hillbillyscholr;
    It hurts to hear. But it is good you aren't being consumed by it, but you are BATTLING it. Good job and props to you for lasting that long, I have respect.
    Thanks, I'm trying my best to defeat it too. And thanks alot for everything.

    @Yi Fang
    Yeah, it is hard. That's good your proud of it, I'mt rying to do the same! And I understand.. it just is hard to think that way sometimes when people you haven't seen mention it!
    Thanks! I hope you had a good black friday too!

  9. You're saying you're not thankful for schizophrenia? People has got schizophrenics all wrong. Your mind is natrually expanded. You know things about the yourself, and reality that some people spend years figuring out, and some never get to understand it. You should use your diagnosis to explore yourself. You are one of the few that can. Schizophrenia can be so creative and unfolding for the mind. You should be thankful.

  10. Linnea,

    huh, I never thought about it that way. Thank you for the insight man. I'll try to look at it that way sometimes. But there's just so many downsides that come with it.

    Thanks though.
    It means a lot.

  11. FAKE..................GAY..............YOU HOMO..................CRY MORE...............

  12. Thats not nice saying that to a boy who really has skitzofrania.


  14. This a kid who really has skitzofranic problems with his life. He may not be perfect but hes a part of our society and it is your ignorance is that what is wrong with the world. If came here to hate on his already sad life then leave

  15. "If came here to hate on his already sad life then leave" WTF does that mean? Use English! I can teach you a thing or two.
    1.)Hes? It's He's
    2.)Wade FUCK YOU
    3.)Make a complete sentence.
    Then you can talk to me.


  17. @Anonymous,

    Thanks for defending me.

    @other Anonymous,

    I wouldn't fake about being schizophrenic. Why would I do that?