Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hey guys. I am not asking for donations for my medicine or any of that thing, but just someone to hear me out and maybe talk to me. Let me first introduce myself. My name is John and I'm a 17 year old boy. I have been and currently am receiving medication for schizophrenia for a little on a year, but have been battle schizophrenia for over a few years.  I'm not going to be blogging about my day, but about things that come to mind about schizophrenia, episodes, or my past and on-going struggles.

I made this blog to do a two things.
First of all, I want to talk about my problems openly. My psychiatrist said to find people to talk to. Sadly I lack the close friends and family, so I hope I can attract some people towards my struggle with the world. Most of my friends think I'm weird after I've told them what goes on in my life every day and night. And A LOT of my friends have just happened to stray away after I had the talk. I just want people to hear me out, because it really does help me.

Second of all, I want to reach out to every kid or adult that is beginning to get schizophrenia to believe that together we can defeat this mental disease. Hopefully those under full-blown schizophrenia can do the same. Perhaps my fellow schizophrenics can understand that we all have a beautiful mind and we can do what we need to do if we focus on it.

Thanks to all, and if you are not interested in reading or talking to me, can you at least spread it to someone who does? Again I'm not asking for money. Thanks guys for your support, concern, and love.


  1. Hi, i read your first post. I have a psychosis diagnosis that I received in the "Behavior Health Unit" of a hospital. A psych ward. Stay out of these. Check out and read the chapter excerpt from the book about coercion in mental health. Often medication are not the best treatment. See the soteria project Please know that our mental health system is deeply flawed. The National Institute of Mental Health does not even mention the ability to treat without neuroleptic drugs. It has and it can be done. Try to stay positive, don't be afraid, especially of your symptoms. This will only make them worse. Bring your focus to your body whenever you feel lost of control, maybe try to play music. Simple songs to help occupy and calm your mind. Eat health. Thats the best advice I can give you without going to a treatment center that can help though will likely recommend neuroleptic drugs even though they may or may not be the best option.

  2. Wow, thanks a lot for the information. I didn't expect such sympathy. I'll try my best to stay out of those psych wards, they were always really sketchy. I understand the mental health system is flawed. But I am taking Abilifly, some medicine right now. Is that a neuroleptic medicine?
    But thanks a lot for the information man, it really helps.

  3. Hey John,
    My name's Caitlin. I'm also 17. I saw your post on a youtube video and ended up here. I read your posts, I'm really glad you have found blogging as an outlet, and I'm even happier that it has got positive feedback. The past two months have been really hard for me. I admitted to my school counselor I was dealing with mental problems, ended up at the local mental health office, and the next day hospitalized (never go to a mental health hospital, the one I was in was horrible). Since then I have been to a psychiatrist and diagnosed with severe depression and OCD. I also have psychotic symptoms that have not been diagnosed yet; it is either psychotic depression or schizophrenia, and the more weeks go by the less it looks like psychotic depression. I have started medication and it is very hard. I haven't been on anything long enough to see lasting results and the side effects have been terrible as you know. If you ever need a friend to talk to I'm listening, we can email or whatever. I hope we can talk sometime.

  4. Hello Caitlin.

    Thanks, it means a lot.

    Oh, I see.. update me when you find out what it is. No matter what disease you have though, you CAN defeat it, unless if it is physical, such as AIDS, Cancer, etc. Yeah, trying out medicine is hard. I used to take Seroquel but now I take abilifly. Everyone is different so try them out all and listen to your doctor as he knows best.

    I would love to talk to you, we can comment on here all the time as I make new posts and everything. We can update each other on our lives since they are similar and fight the battle together, such as seeking advice.

    I hope you can strive and defeat the diseases just as I am trying. Thanks again for the concern, comments, and willing to talk. Again I will love to talk to you on here!

  5. John,

    I have been taking Seroquel but my doctor just switched me to Risperidone yesterday. I don't know if you've ever had it. I'm actually really scared to take it because of the major side effects. He even prescribed me another medicine to take if the side effects get out of control. I know its stupid but I'm still scared of what might happen. I've had pretty bad side effects from Seroquel and supposedly that's the medication with the least side effects, so I don't know what to think. I'm about to go to my therapist. I'll talk to you later.

  6. Caitlin,

    Seroquel has a lot of side effects and it didn't fix anything for me. Different things work for different people. Seroquel really was a waste of my time. I went on to Abilifly (arizapople) and that was perfect. I never heard of Risperidone, but if he says there are least side effects, it's probably true! My doctor said Abilifly had the least side effects and it was true! How about you google how bad and how many people get the side effects? Just try it out, it won't hurt, right? I hope it all works out for you at the therapist. Let me know how it ended up!

  7. Hey man,

    ended up here through a youtube comment. medication aside, talking helps a lot, feedback helps a lot. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia on my 19th birthday. most important advice and truthful suggestions i can have:

    if you are worried about something (money, social situation, ANYthing) confront the issue with rational thought. if the issue is with a person, resolve it face to face.

    therapists help, and they are knowledgeable on medication, it can just take time to find the right medication for each person individually.
    some have side effects some don't. better to deal with the side effects as best as you can and stay on the medication in my personal experience.

    Writing helps. that is why i am here right now. this blog is a definite good idea, and i feel you are taking the right steps to dealing with this diagnosis appropriately

    truly hope it helps man,


  8. stay off the "kron1c," seriously. it effects the chemistry of the brain that affects paranoia. earlier you stop, the easier it will be to deal with issues. dont use some third party "self-medication" technique such as cigarettes to try and resolve the issue, it does not work. trust me :)

  9. Michael, good advice :). I looked it up on the internet and all I found were a bunch of guys complaining about how it gave them boobs... Not very helpful haha. I'm about to take it now. I hope the side effects aren't worse than Seroquel. My doctor said they probably would be but maybe it will be good for me.. We'll see. Hope you had a good day :)

  10. Michael,

    I see. How are you doing with your schizophrenia? you seem very knowledgable. Thanks a lot for the information. I just used your technique of approaching things with rational thought, and it actually just cleared some things up in my mind. Yes, writing helps. Thanks a lot.

    And I'll try to limit myself a little, but that's my lifestyle. I am going to defeat it with doing that. But thanks for the concern. Yeah, I am trying to quit cigarettes. But that is a whole new blog to write about! Haha!

  11. Caitlin,

    Yeah, Seroquel made me so tired and dull. But Abilifly really helped! It gave me some side effects at first, but I found out ways to get by them. If you need advice, let me know, I no longer have side effects from it. For example, it made me very nauseous in the morning. This was due to how it makes me hungry. So after dinner when I took the pill, I ate a little more to help with that. Because I starve through my sleep, thus being nauseous in the morning!

  12. John,

    Thanks for the advice! I don't know if I will be staying on the Rispiridone, I don't feel good this morning an I didn't sleep. Maybe he will put me on Abilify.

  13. Caitlin, alright, Let me know what's up!

  14. Hi,
    I think it's wonderful that you've started this blog. Have you ever heard of Internal Family Systems Therapy? It's a therapy model that you might find interesting and even helpful. It's a way to learn to anchor yourself in your "Self" (i.e. your Highest Consciousness) to work with parts of you that might be difficult, burdened, afraid, intense, etc. It's a great model for working with extreme parts/situations. Meanwhile, I'm really grateful that you're willing to blog on your experience. Thanks for doing this.

  15. Hi michelle

    Thanks. I'll check that out and google it, thanks for the suggestion. That sounds really good because I do have parts that are difficult afraid and intense. You figured me out well. You're welcome but thank YOU for reading it and all!


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  18. Hi John, I'm afraid I don't have a blogspot account at the moment, but my name is Taylor and I am 17 years old.
    I can really relate to you, the part about your family not taking you seriously. I struggled with depression a few years ago and my family kind of ignored it and told me to grow up. But now I've leaned they were only looking out for me because they knew I was strong enough to get through it, and you are too!
    I will follow and support your blog, and am here anytime you need someone to listen. xx